The Website of Joshua A. Peterson

Note: This website is currently under construction. Eventually, it will function as a sort of basic social media/blog site for personal use.

The world is currently facing two major problems. First, social media is becoming increasingly more restrictive of the kinds of information allowed on their platforms. This practice, which in recent times has been justified under the guise of safety, leads to a bias environment. Second, the world is becoming increasingly more reliant on the internet to stay connected. These two problems together create a nasty environment (i.e., social media platforms) that nonetheless seems inescapable. One workaround is to purchase a domain name and use a website hosting service. Hence, this website.

The services used to setup and maintain this website are Epik and Vultr. If you would like to build a website from the ground up, I cannot recommend these companies enough! All together, this website costs me around $4 a month.

This site is written in HTML because graphic design is my passion.